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4 Ways to Boost Cold Email Response Rates

By May 2, 2019September 18th, 2019Outreach
boost cold email response rates

Feeling a little chilly these days? Are you getting the cold shoulder? Even though email marketing has taken on new life in recent years, there are still a lot of ways in which your campaigns can go wrong. Especially if people are not expecting your message. The outreach can seem very “brrrrrrrrrr.” So, how do you boost cold email response rates in this environment?

Outbound Sales Outreach

This is a tough business. Consumers are armed with information and are practically ready to purchase when they finally speak to you. However, outbound sales outreach is not dead. When done right, it can be one of the most effective forms of marketing tactics that exists. Why? Because people are busy but if you say the right thing, they adore you for the convenience.

As buyer behavior shifts, salespeople must adapt their methods. Prospects are flooded with messaging (especially email) so to get your foot in the door, you have to be smart about what you say.

There is nothing worse than having an email campaign with a high open rate and zero clicks. That’s missed opportunity right there. It means you were engaging enough to open, but lost people once you had the chance to say something.

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It’s not always easy to reach people from a cold direction. Especially when their inboxes are inundated on a daily basis. Here are a few ways to ensure your cold sales outreach is reaching the inboxes that matter:

Subject Lines Matter

The subject of the email is your first (and sometimes last) impression, so make it good. One effective strategy is to include a soft sell in the subject line. That means less salesy and more engaging. This can be easily established with an intriguing call to action (CTA).

The most effective sales tactics are those that educate the audience, so take advantage of that in your subject line. Instead of “Offer inside!” try something that entices your audience with knowledge, like “Here are three ways you can improve your schedule right now…” It creates value and a sense of curiosity. Could you tell them something they don’t already know?

Respect Time

Get to the point. Be concise or you will lose people. This is about respecting their time and getting your message across while doing so. Rambling on will actually irritate modern consumers and if you waste their time, they will most likely unsubscribe to avoid the noise. Opening with a catchy phrase showing you understand they are busy is a great way to break the ice (as long as you deliver on your promise and keep it short).

If you do a really good job of catching their attention at the beginning of your email, you potentially earn their attention for a few more sentences(or paragraphs) of information. If you are going to go into detail, make sure it’s valuable. Otherwise, just give them access to a resource that can fill them in on the finer points of your message – like a blog post, video, webinar or similar.

Get Personal

15 years ago, this may have been a much more difficult task but today, modern consumers have an average of 7.6 social media accounts. That means a cold outreach email never has to truly be cold. You can get to know someone pretty well from their digital footprint.

You should attempt to find some details that will allow you to further personalize your emails. Do they have great weather where they live today? Have they reached a life milestone you can congratulate? The idea is to use the data at your disposal to further nurture relationships. In a world of bots, this isn’t creepy. It’s caring.

Offer Value

If you truly want to engage people, you have to offer them something of value. Including industry-specific content in your cold emails is one way of doing this. Rather than asking people to do you a favor, you are making the interaction worthwhile. This can come in many forms, like:

  • Whitepapers
  • Ebooks
  • Interactive tools (calculators)
  • Relevant articles
  • Videos

This is a means of establishing yourself as a thought leader in your niche and telling people they can trust your authority on the subject. After all, you’re giving it away for free, so that exudes a level of confidence that sparks curiosity in Fan audience. If you can teach them about why they need your product (rather than sell to them) they would be naturally inclined to buy, instead of feeling pressured.

Cold sales outreach is a complicated task. When it comes to email, it can feel like spinning your wheels. You are competing daily against hundreds of other vendors for a small section of the inbox. Don’t waste the opportunity with messaging that is boring, long, or irrelevant to the reader. Seize the opportunity to engage, teach, and entertain people, and your authenticity will sell the rest.

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