5 Tips for Improving Your Franchise Lead Generation


The franchise market is changing. With the improvement of and growing reliance on technology, your target customers have a completely different method of finding you and your franchise than just a few years ago. This means more opportunity, but it also means changing your methods.


Franchisors who do not keep up with the shifting market quickly find that their leads are drying up and sales are dropping. However, those who harness the new methods of sales will continue to grow even while others do not.


The way Millennials shop is different than generations past and it can make sales easier if you know how to market to that. A large consumer study in 2016 by Synchrony Financial found that for purchased over $500, 85% of Millennials started their research online. Without a solid online marketing plan, you will fail to reach a core demographic because most potential leads do their research long before reaching out to you or filling out an application.


Here are 5 tips for improving your franchise lead generation and making more sales.


Tip #1: Create a Unique Franchise Website


Many franchisors create a section for their franchise sales directly on the main company page. However, this can be problematic for creating relevant content and ranking on Google search. If your franchise is for frozen yogurt, for example, the algorithms will have a difficult time sorting out whether to rank your website for frozen yogurt or franchise. Your leads can find clear, relevant information in one convenient source that will make them want to reach out to you when you create a separate website.


Tip #2: Enhance Responsive Web Design


Essential to your webpage is responsive design. Your clients need to be able to access your website through their phone because they are likely trying to do so. In 2017, the average Millennial spent 223 minutes a day on their phone and that number continues to grow. By creating a mobile-friendly website, your target customers will have greater freedom to see what you have to offer. If they cannot, they will quickly lose interest and move on to the next franchise that can better market to them.


Tip #3: Produce Relevant Content


The days of delivering a straight sales-pitch are over. What will keep clients interested and engaged in your franchise is your ability to provide valuable information. This relevant content will also make you more reliable and an authority to potential buyers, which will deepen their trust in your franchise.


If your website has only the bare bones about your franchise, readers will quickly move on to another that has the information that they need. Keep them on your site and excited to take action by providing success stories, how -to’s, and news that is relevant to them. Convert a casual reader into an active participant by your content.


Tip #4: Engage in Social Media


Social media is no longer an option for businesses; it is necessary. The franchise business is no different. You can create a community that generates enthusiasm for your business and make it even easier to reach out to more leads. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, the size of your web presence will help to determine your success in finding leads and converting them into sells.


Tip #5: Invest in (Quality) Leads


Many franchisors shy away from the prospect of paying for leads and will try to do so as little as possible. However, this is a case where it takes money to make money. Quality leads will lead to better sales and less time running after nothing.


An important key in finding quality leads, though, is by engaging with the right person or company. They should understand the franchise business and what works in the current climate. The world of franchise is quickly changing, and they need to understand organic lead generation.


There is more opportunity than ever for franchisors if they know how to leverage technology correctly for lead generation. Improve your lead generation and start making sales today!