6 Ways To Optimize Your Google Ads Audience

Now more than ever, creating digital ads for your B2B business is critical to get in front of your prospective clients.

Building and selecting the right audience will help Google find interested and motivated people who are actively searching for your services.

Researching your target audience will save you time and money in the long run and greatly improve the campaign’s overall performance

Optimizing how to target your B2B audience is an important way to make sure you are targeting the right audience at the right time. 

Choose the best type of audience targeting for your campaign:


Customer match

Life events

Custom intent

Similar audiences

Detailed demographic information


Custom Affinity

Similar audiences



Custom intent


Customer match

Similar audiences

Detailed demographics



Customer match

Custom intent

Similar audience


Improve search campaigns by targeting specific locations

If your company is targeting specific locations you can target these target specific areas to specifically show your keywords to.

This is a great way for B2B businesses that have several locations across the country to target new business areas that are opening.

Excluding locations where your business isn’t doing business currently helps pinpoint to Google which to not appear in.

Affinity Audiences and Custom Audiences

Affinity audiences help bring brand awareness and drive more interest to those who have long-standing interests within your industry.

This audience has real-life interests and search behaviors that can pinpoint and target your audience more effectively.

Affinity audiences analyze the target audience’s interests, lifestyle, and overall identity.

This is a popular choice to choose from because these potential clients convert more than types of google audience choices.

In-Market Audiences 

Using in-market audiences is an excellent way to attract leads that are actively searching or looking for your company’s services.

If your company/service has different services it is highly recommended to use similar audiences that may be interested in learning more about your company.

Using Audience Insights 

This is a great way to find new and relevant audiences to add to your campaigns.

In this section, you can discover demographics, locations, interests, and devices of your current audience.

Insights help bring more details and brand new interests that your audience could be into.

In this section, you find people who are similar to those who already have converted as leads. 

Custom Intent

Use keyword phrases that are specific to the custom intent audience’s interest more tailored to their search behaviors.

The advantage of selecting this audience is how it targets and defines the ideal audience for display advertisements.

Life Events

Career changes and other milestones can change the perspective of your ideal audience.

Selecting specific life events that align with your company’s service can greatly increase the quality and interesed leads. 

In Conclusion

Google ads have many different types of audience targeting to choose from.

B2B businesses can choose and select many audience types that are customized specifically for their services and ideal leads.

The main audience types are affinity, custom intent, in-market audiences, and life events.

Creating an audience based on what they are actively searching for and interests will greatly improve your lead flow.