B2B SEO Checklist

SEO: we can safely assume that you have heard of it because nowadays it seems to be something that everyone is talking about, especially when it comes to website optimization or digital marketing.

And it is worth it, because SEO is, without a doubt, one of the most effective ways of increasing web traffic to your B2B website and converting qualified leads from your website. To increase your B2B SEO success, it is crucial that you have a site which captures the attention of the visitors and provides them with what they are looking for.  

And the most effective ways to do this is by creating a website which lets your visitors quickly and easily find what they want – instead of a website which looks glitzy or has the latest gimmicks.

This SEO checklist will help you get more traffic and leads.

Set Up the Google Search Console

This is a potent tool SEO tool. It is also free. The Google Search Console is impressive as it includes valuable features, such as:

  • See which keywords usually bring the most traffic
  • Fix website errors
  • Submit a sitemap
  • Receive timely messages from the Google search team

Install Yoast SEO

Yoast is one of the most popular and valuable SEO plug-ins on the planet. This is because Yoast can make it very easy to optimize your website for various search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Setup Google Analytics

Note that Google Analytics is easily the most effective way to see and assess how individuals find and interact with your website.

It has many incredible features like:

  • See the amount of traffic that you get from Google
  • Find which pages on the website get you the most traffic
  • Identify other search engines and sites that send you traffic
  • See whether or not your web traffic is increasing (and also by how much)
  • The average page views, bounce rate, and time on the website

Write a Meta Description

Your meta description is the small block of text which search engine users view when your site appears in search results. Keep in mind that without an appropriate meta description, your searchers will not know and understand what the post is about and why they should read it. Of course, include your focus keyword, and try to make your description compelling and concise, so people would click to learn more.

Call to Action

Although not all posts need to have a call-to-action, keep in mind that linking to other web pages within a website is beneficial when it comes to SEO; therefore, a majority of your posts must direct visitors to other resources or content on your site. This will also help increase conversion; as a result, it is also a best practice for lead generation.

This checklist will increase your web traffic and boost conversion rates.