Case Study: SkilledSet


A franchise consulting services company wanted to engage warm leads who are pursuing or considering owning a business. Spark Outbound was appointed by a franchise consulting services company to segment an audience that has been classified as warm leads with a view to driving purposeful and strategic engagement that could result in conversions. The audience was identified using key phrases and demographics identifiers including job titles, tenure, function and connection tiering.

Based on the economic turbulence that was happening globally, a strategic decision was taken to target specific industries who would, as a result of the subdued economy, experience these definitive pain points. These included travel, airline pilots, travel agency owners, restaurant and hotel owners respectively.

As such, this theory classified them as warm leads at an awareness stage as a result of the current economic climate. This was further supported by geographic search parameters that were targeted for US markets and Texas as a standalone market.

Spark Outbound created content and a messaging sequence with the intention of driving ongoing conversations that will lead to various engagement metrics being met, which could result in navigating the warm lead on a path to purchase.


  • LinkedIn Outreach Campaign
  • Content Messaging Strategy
  • Target Audiences Identification

What Were The Results?

LinkedIn Campaign

The audiences across both campaigns demonstrated a high level of engagement, with the sentiment lending itself to referrals, alignment of skills, and new entrepreneurial opportunities. 

The response sentiment from both campaigns indicated that the target audience was the right one, and that the leads targeted were in fact at the awareness stage in their buyer’s journey, which enabled the client to have awareness-stage conversations that offered these prospects upfront value as to how SkilledSet to assist them in acquiring a business that suits their requirements and lifestyles. 

As a result of the conversational messaging, there wasn’t that immediate sales pressure and the prospects in these campaigns were more open to engaging with the client. This was evidenced by the high volumes of prospects providing their email addresses and requesting more information via the LinkedIn platform and via email.

Quick Notes

The campaign resulted in 5.6% (Campaign 1A) and 9.6% (Campaign 1B) of those who responded to messages other than the connection message wanting direct consultation via a scheduled call. Spark Outbound made strategic pivots to these campaigns based on data insights garnered from the responses both positive and negative. This resulted in us adjusting content and filtering specific audience variables. These campaign adjustments were A/B tested and monitored for changes in performance – however, it should be noted that this is an iterative process to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Rounded Results

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Campaign A
0 %
Campaign B

By The Numbers

Total Campaign Connections
Total Responses
Total Responses to Connection Messages
Total Calls Scheduled

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