Case Study: SAS

Specialized Accounting Services

A full-service CPA accounting firm specializing in franchises wanted to facilitate introductions to franchisors, franchisees and franchise brokers relating to their franchise accounting requirements. Spark Outbound was engaged by a CPA accounting firm with specialist services geared to franchise accounting to facilitate engagement and discussion with franchise owners, franchisors, and franchise brokers with a view to introduce their strategic service capability to these audiences and to better understand the accounting requirements of this market segment.

In collaboration with the client, the persona of the audience was identified. Various job function and title tiering variables were also considered for further audience refinement and targeting accuracy. To support the client’s strategic growth drivers six specific industries in the US including automotive retail and services, wellness, health and beauty, fitness, and pets respectively were selected. Spark Outbound produced targeted content and a messaging sequence and applied strategic timing for the dissemination of these messages. This was also finalized in accordance with the envisaged sales lifecycle for the client. The campaigns were A/B tested for message stickiness, response rates, and whether using connection messaging had a better performance than the campaigns that were activated without this connection message.


  • LinkedIn Outreach Campaign
  • Content Messaging Strategy
  • Target Audiences Identification

What Were The Results?

LinkedIn Campaign

Diving into the campaign response sentiment, from the engagement rate and the quality of the discussions it drove a positive narrative. The prospect was interested in learning about the offer and responded well to how this was presented. To this end, there was a 15% total positive response rate.

Quick Notes

Of the 415 connections, 3.1% requested continued engagement relating to the offer via a scheduled call, a further testament to the fact that the target audience was appropriately matched to the campaign and its objectives. As the client was desirous of engaging and facilitating discussions with franchisors, franchisees, and franchise brokers, the campaigns resulted in the expansion of the client’s reach with eight prospects having referred the offer to their network thereby penetrating the second-tier via organic referral advertising.

Spark Outbound applied an integrated strategy to these campaigns having tested and adjusted minute details relating to audience demographics based on campaign performance insights on a bi-weekly basis. Additionally, it has unlocked a wider, qualified audience reach via the implementation of LinkedIn strategies to drive authentic conversations with the right prospects and thereby continuing to place the client’s brand in front of its target audience to drive even higher volumes of inquiries and scheduled calls.

Rounded Results

0 %
Requested Continued Engagement

By The Numbers

Total Campaign Connections
Total Responses
Total Responses To Other Messages
0 %
Total Responses to Connection Messages
0 %
Total Positive Responses

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