Case Study: Urban Air

Urban Air Adventure Park

A franchise brand specializing in adventure parks wanted to drive brand awareness, and engage with prospects in a targeted audience. Spark Outbound was mandated to achieve the following client objectives:

  • To garner interest from the target audience To directly engage prospects showing interest in the opportunity.
  • To drive awareness of the franchise brand.
  •  To promote incentives geared towards premium franchise candidates

A multi-step, multi-channel outreach campaign on LinkedIn and via Direct Response Marketing (Email) was initiated. This navigated along a path that saw us unpack the client’s objectives to develop a campaign strategy that aligned with these outcomes. The content messaging strategy was tailored to fit the identified target audience. The target audience selection was based on several criteria that were deemed to be most suited and to have a higher propensity to engage with the opportunity via the campaigns. 

Following the launch of these campaigns, daily communication management enabled us to monitor, manage and analyze target audience responses and iterate messaging as required.


  • LinkedIn Outreach Campaign
  • Email Drip Campaign 
  • Target Audiences Identification
  • Content Messaging Strategy
  • Strategy Development
  • Community Management
  • Response Analytics and Classification

What Were The Results?

LinkedIn Campaign

The ongoing campaign analysis indicates that the client has a unique and specific opportunity in the market. Therefore, the key to successful engagement was to ensure that the post connection messaging strategy was detailed and succinct enough to ensure that there are high levels of engagement in the response segment of the campaign.

Out of the target audience who successfully connected across campaigns, between 30.7% and 53.1% responded to the post connection campaign messaging. The initial connection results indicated that the target audience required refinement. For the most part, this occurred organically as a result of the types of engagement that placed the prospects into various lead classifications.

The community management and response analytics formed a key part of the overall campaigns as the richness of the responses indicated that prospects required a more frequent and detailed level of engagement driving the awareness of the franchise brand and positioning the opportunity, resulting in us achieving these metrics for the client.

By The Numbers

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Post Connection Campaign Messaging Response

Email Campaign

In terms of the target audience identification, the content messaging strategy was aligned to the attractiveness of the opportunity and was effective. This led to open rates across all campaigns varying between 17.8% and 20.9% respectively.

The campaign analysis showed that respondents exhibited specific behaviors such as the most likely time of day to open and respond to the emails, as well as which day of the week recipients are most likely to open and engage. For the current campaigns, these days were Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

These insights assisted us in formulating a typical target persona most likely to engage via an email campaign and subsequently afforded us a strategic pivot to be able to tailor the timing of the distribution of the emails.

As the open and response rates were good, it assisted us in meeting the client’s objectives of driving brand awareness and garnering interest from its target audience, with the distinct opportunity to engage with them directly.

By The Numbers

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Email Open Rates

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