Direct Mail As Part of an Online Campaign: Do Organizations Still Use It?

Are you the kind of person who dislikes direct mail marketing? If that’s the case, you may have your reasons, and they are probably valid.

Direct mail marketing is not a new method of reaching out to the people.

It is an out-dated, and most commonly used marketing strategy that a lot of companies employ to target a specific number of people.

There is no denying the fact that online marketing has gained wide popularity in the world. Long before the days of television, radio, and internet marketing, direct mail marketing ruled the industry. In the early days of 1988, Sears started using direct mail marketing strategy to target a large audience.

The organization rolled out a printer mailer to its potential customers, jewelry and advertising watches. Shortly after that, Roebuck and Co, and Sears launched advertising catalogs and gained wide popularity in the market.

However, for some, direct mail marketing is an old strategy that is difficult to understand given the popularity it still has in the advertising world.

Despite being labeled as an out-dated marketing strategy, organizations still use direct mail marketing to reach out to their possible customers.

In 2015, Data & Marketing Association in collaboration with Postal Service of the United States suggested that 57 percent of the mail was direct mail and regardless of the decline of percentage in 2008, direct mail marketing witnessed slow growth but steady growth for a few years.

If you are wondering why some of the businesses still use the direct mail strategy, there are a few arguments that they make. Online marketing is easy, but its offline replacement has achieved considerable results.

Direct Marketing Helps You Convey a Clear Message

One particular reason why direct mail marketing is better than traditional marketing is that it is convenient and delivers the message accurately.

People can easily understand direct mail marketing; the reason why it has a proven track record of delivering the messages accurately.

A recent study suggested that it takes about 21 percent of cognitive effort to process, implying that your audience has no time to understand your mail.

A marketing campaign, whether offline or online is only successful when it connects with your potential audience. If the audience is facing problems in understanding your point, it’s impossible that you will achieve your objectives.

Direct mail marketing has more potential than you think

Paul Entin from EPR Marketing believes that businesses can reach to a broader audience with direct mail marketing. Paul frequently employs direct mail marketing strategies to communicate with the customers for his clients effectively.

Paul believes that direct mail marketing brings more attention to customers than other marketing strategies.

Better response rate

In comparison with email marketing, direct mail marketing has a faster response time with about 4.4% of campaigns getting responses via email. These figures are significant compared to the 0.12% of response time online.

This means that direct mail marketing campaign for 1000 people, 43 percent more will communicate with you through emails.

Target specific customers

Direct mail marketing has a better reach than other marketing strategies. When it comes to marketing, businesses understand that you cannot promise immediate success.

You could be targeting customers that are not interested in your product or service whether you employ radio or TV ads, direct mail marketing, or even social media.

Steve Entin believes that there is a high chance that you connect with the customers that are responsive to your message than those in the past.

Tips for improving faster response rate in direct mail

If you are searching for methods to improve response rates, consider these factors:

Split your mailing list

Segmenting your mailing list into different categories is an effective method to improve response rates for direct mail campaigns.

By segmenting your mailing list, you would be able to send out a direct mail to your potential recipients and likely generate a faster response.


The reason behind any marketing campaign is to attract new customers and generate more sales. Marketers do realize that customers are flooded with advertisements every day. One method through which you can deliver your message faster to your audience is by understanding the purpose of your campaign.

Any personalization that you include should match with your marketing ideology; otherwise, your audience will never understand your product or service.

Call to action

Never expect people to understand what they should do after reading your direct mail. You are required to tell them. By using a compelling call to action, you can motivate your customers to respond to your direct mail.

These days, you need to educate your customers. Give them a deadline or create an impression that they need to respond quickly. You can spark interest among your customers by using lines like ‘limited time only.’