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Let our team start conversations, while you focus on sales.

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We'll plan, create and run digital ad campaigns that target the right audience to get you sales.

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See What Our Clients Say

“Since working with Spark Outbound, we’ve received a significant increase in the quantity and quality of leads to our sales pipeline. These opportunities are both immediate and long term with large scale clients. We are receiving around 20 hot leads per month and have been able to close these with a much higher success rate due to the immediate opportunity.”

Matt Laughin - Inxpress

“My company and I have been working with Spark for over 3 years. We have built a solid relationship with our lead generation systems and have good results on a weekly basis. Our lead generation, on multiple platforms, is always dialed in and quality. Jonathan and his team are very responsive when there is a question with a campaign. They have been very educational on how our systems work and providing us a map on how we all get the most efficiency for our budget. I would encourage anyone looking to boost lead generation efforts and campaign quality to use Spark Outbound.”

Nicole Yates - SpeedPro