Get The Most Out Of Your Email And Social Media Outreach

How much time would it save you to have a team running all of your email and social outreach campaigns?

Imagine spending three to four hours a day going through all your emails and social media responses.

No busy person has time to do that.

Now imagine having a team that manages all of that for you, along with creating a copy for those sent out emails and messages, connection requests, and predefined answers to any questions you may receive.

How much time would that save you in just a week or a month? 

Let me tell you, alot! 

The Ideal Scenario

The ideal scenario is that you will only see positive results that are ready to schedule a call with you.

People that are already excited about what you do and want to be part of it.

Now let me tell you how we at Spark Outbound achieve that from my end.

Email & Social Media Campaigns

So much of what I do is to manage our clients email and social media campaigns.

This means that I spend around five to six hours a day going through all responses weeding through any and all; negatives, naturals, follow-up laters, and most importantly positives.

Then I can respond to any questions received using our predefined answers we get from our clients.

If there is something I don’t have an answer to, I will email the client to get the best answer.

While going through all of these I will tag all responses with the appropriate description making it easy for everyone to know exactly what is going on with all campaign responses  at one glance.

This gives us, Spark Outbound, and the client, you, an accurate showing of statistics.

These daily stats are very important because they show us how successful any campaign is and if there are any changes that need to be made.

Not only do I maintain the running campaigns, but I watch for any issues and can edit them to best serve what it is that any one client wants to depict.

On top of all that we have several other team members that I work closely with to make sure that all of our client goals are achieved to the best of our ability.

Doing all these things cuts down on time and work that our clients have to do to reach new potential customers and connections. 

In Conclusion

So just to reiterate, having a team to go through all incoming email and social media responses can not only save you countless hours and energy but give you better results.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to our team.

We might just be able to help you achieve your goals.