How Did Spark Outbound Develop Our LinkedIn Outreach Service?

We were recently thinking about how we developed our LinkedIn Outreach service to get to the place we are now. Here’s a quick summary of how we got there.

There were really 3 primary phases we cycled through to be able to add this service for our clients:

Testing, Testing, Testing

It actually started out with basically running the test campaigns for ourselves. You know, of course, we want to test it out to see what kind of results we would get and based on what we saw, if the results were good enough, we would decide to offer this to our clients. 

As we moved through our own tests and tests we ran on our earliest LinkedIn outreach clients, we were seeing really, really significant results and were getting great feedback on some really tough projects. 

What Technolgy Did We Need?

When we started looking into the LinkedIn outreach service model, we had to figure out what kind of technology we would need to offer this for our clients, and it led us to the toolsets we now use which have the greatest level of capabilities and client management functionality.

Design Processes and Team Structure

We knew we really wanted to develop something that would allow us to offer custom solutions for our clients to help them stand out in a busy LinkedIn landscape. We put a lot of focus around identifying and defining the new processes from a client delivery perspective. This led us to defining, or redefining, roles within our team to streamline onboarding and speed up daily management of campaign activities.

We knew we wanted to take as much off the clients’ plate as possible while still allowing them to feel in control of their activities. We also wanted to give them the ability to organically grow relationships over time which is pretty complicated to do at scale. Understanding these goals, our team has been able to continually refine and improve our offering to achieve this level of service.

It’s crazy to think back on this process we’ve gone through over the past 6-8 months all because we wanted to invest in something that was going to deliver dramatic and long-lasting results to our clients!