How to Find Prospects Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

By June 25, 2019 July 16th, 2019 Outreach

To perform a search for prospects, click on the Sales Navigator icon at the top right of your LinkedIn profile. A new tab will open for Sale Navigator and this will be the top of the screen.

how to use sales navigator 1

Hover over the Advanced button, and click Search for leads.

how to use sales navigator 2

A box will pop-up will several filters for you to choose from and perform a search.

how to use sales navigator 3
how to use sales navigator 4

We’ll use these filters as an example: contacts in the U.S., who work in the accounting industry, and who have been an owner or partner for one to two years.

how to use sales navigator 5

After you click Search, you’ll see you’re list of prospects.

how to use sales navigator 6

We recommend using the arrow above the Find All button to locate the filter Posted on LinkedIn in past 30 days. Clicking on this filter will allow you to see prospects who are active on LinkedIn and are more likely to interact with your outreach messages.

how to use sales navigator 7
how to use sales navigator 8

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Now that you’ve found your ideal prospects, you can use the Find and Find All buttons to add their contact info to your Seamless account. For information on using Seamless with Sales Navigator and how to get a prospect list ready for a campaign, read our blog Steps to Find Leads and Finalize Lists

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