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Digital Advertising platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads can help companies reach heights only dreamed of, or those same companies could waste A LOT of money with nothing to show for it. The difference is in the details. Let us worry about the details for your business. Here’s how we get started:


We analyze market potential on each platform combined with what your top competitors are doing successfully to develop a comprehensive Digital Advertising strategy.


We craft messaging designed to appeal to your target prospects and get them to take action. Your brand voice has to shine through the clutter!


Digital Advertising platforms offer powerful targeting capabilities. We help you dial in the most effective targeting strategies to reach the right people at the right time.

Digital Advertising Opportunities

Each brand has different goals, ideal target prospects and available resources. We work with our clients during campaign development to identify which platforms and types of ads will be most effective to help them succeed. Here are some of the most popular options we can help with:

  • Search Ads

    Are people searching for your product or service on Google or Bing? Search ads can make your brand an option today.

  • Social Ads

    Facebook and LinkedIn give your brand the ability to provide additional context to prospects in a familiar environment.

  • Display Ads

    Gain brand awareness by placing your message on websites and apps that your target prospects use every day.

  • Retargeting

    We all know it takes multiple touches to build an effective ad campaign. Retargeting on multiple platforms gives you more value for each new prospect you reach.

  • Video Ads

    Video is a powerful way to set your brand apart. Get your videos in front of more people on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Reporting

    Are your ad dollars being used in an effective manner? Without comprehensive reporting, you'll never really know. Let us handle the details.

Partnering With Google

  • Spark Outbound continues to meet all of the requirements to be a Google Partner helping provide the greatest benefit to your campaigns.
  • Our performance maintains an exceptional optimization score indicating Spark Outbound constantly sets up our clients’ accounts to perform well.
  • Our team manages significant amounts in ad spend for our clients throughout our Google partnership which shows our ability to help clients consistently identify new growth opportunities and sustain their success on an ongoing basis.
  • And finally, our strategists persistently demonstrate their proficiency to the highest standards in Google Ads by earning and maintaining our Google Ads certifications.
  • Spark Outbound’s goal is to provide you with up-to-date strategies making your campaigns super effective.

Your Own Advertising Team

Developing the strategy and setting up your ad campaigns is just the beginning! With Spark Outbound, your business will have a dedicated team who continually monitors and adjusts your campaigns until they are at peak performance. We work directly with your sales and marketing teams to get feedback IN REAL TIME so we are not wasting any of your time and money. We HATE bad leads as much as you do. Give us a chance to show you the difference our approach makes in running an efficient lead gen program.

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