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The interviews are designed to help our team develop content that will be used on your LinkedIn profile to help you grow authority within your network.


We use the interview process so we can get the answers directly from you rather than making up generic content that may not be relevant to your actual thoughts, feelings, or experiences.


We aim to uncover your expertise.

Quick Tip: Your content should be a mix of your industry knowledge, personal experiences, engaging questions and your take on current events. Promotional posts should be limited.

See What Our Clients Say About Spark Outbound

Since working with Spark Outbound, we've received a significant increase in the quantity and quality of leads to our sales pipeline. We are receiving around 20 hot leads per month and have been able to close these with a much higher success rate due to the immediate opportunity.

Matt LaughlinInXpress

In the last six months, since we've been working with Spark Outbound, we've quoted more than $1,500,000 in projects. In the past, we had challenges reaching the high-level decision-makers at our target companies. Now we are able to connect with people who are decision-makers on large scale warehouse expansion projects.

Pearce FarnumMezzanine Distributors