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+ Advanced Technology
= Results For You 

Read below to see how our team transforms your LinkedIn profile into a high-powered LinkedIn lead generation machine!

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What will you get
with LinkedIn Outreach by Spark Outbound?

Marketing Psychology

Personalized messaging copy for LinkedIn lead generation campaigns
  • Unique Messaging For Each Prospect Solicits Higher Response Rates

LinkedIn Lead Generation hyper personalization
  • Pattern Interrupts Influence Behavior By Causing the Viewer to Stop & Absorb Your Content

Using multi-step sequences in LinkedIn outreach campaigns
  • Our Emphasis On Driving Maximum Awareness Ensures Your Messaging Is Absorbed By Utilizing Proven Sequential Copy Methods

Marketing psychology for LinkedIn lead generation
  • Campaigns Designed With Cognitive Fluency and Selective Perception to Maximize Results

See How Our Advanced LinkedIn Outreach Technology
Will Benefit You!

Advanced LinkedIn Outreach Technology

website personalization with LinkedIn outreach campaigns
  • Website Personalization Takes Your Outreach to New Levels

Tracking results with LinkedIn lead generation
  • Comprehensive Analytics Allow You to Fully Understand Campaign Effectiveness

Integrating tools using zapier with LinkedIn outreach campaigns
  • Integrations With Your Other Tools Keep Your Lead Generation Moving Forward

Tagging LinkedIn lead generation responses
  • Detailed Prospect Tagging Functionality Makes Sure No One Slips Through The Cracks

How Will LinkedIn Lead Generation
Help You?

Campaign Strategy

Using Sales Navigator for Advanced searches in LinkedIn Outreach
  • Build Connections & Stay In Touch With Your Ideal Prospects Using Sales Navigator Advanced Audience Capabilities

Using Groups in LinkedIn Outreach
  • Reach Prospects In Targeted Groups Based On Shared Interests or Backgrounds

Using InMails in LinkedIn outreach
  • Reach Premium Users with Open InMail Campaigns – No Need To Pay For More Messages

integrating email outreach with LinkedIn outreach
  • Combine Email and/or Digital Ads to Amplify Campaign Effectiveness

How Will Our Team

Help You?

Get A Team, Not A Tool

  • Our Team Designs, Manages & Optimizes Your Campaigns

  • We Offer Individualized Support Levels Based On Your Needs

  • We Continuously Analyze & Recommend Improvements

  • Our Team Is Always Available To Help You Achieve Your Goals

See What Our Clients Say About Spark Outbound

Since working with Spark Outbound, we've received a significant increase in the quantity and quality of leads to our sales pipeline. We are receiving around 20 hot leads per month and have been able to close these with a much higher success rate due to the immediate opportunity.

Matt LaughlinInXpress

In the last six months, since we've been working with Spark Outbound, we've quoted more than $1,500,000 in projects. In the past, we had challenges reaching the high-level decision-makers at our target companies. Now we are able to connect with people who are decision-makers on large scale warehouse expansion projects.

Pearce FarnumMezzanine Distributors

Do You Need a Custom Solution?

No problem, our team provides several lead generation programs for our clients including email outreach, cold calling, and digital advertising. We can develop a custom solution to fit your needs.

Do You Need Volume Discounts?

We offer discounted rates on all of our programs starting at the 2nd person on your team. Pretty cool, huh! Contact us directly if you’d like to add 2 or more people on any program.