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Transform your LinkedIn profile into a high-powered lead generation machine!
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With Email Outreach, we put you right in the inbox of your ideal prospects.

We find your ideal prospects and start conversations. You focus on closing them.

LinkedIn Outreach

Unique messaging for each prospect drives higher response rates, while our emphasis on maximizing awareness ensures your messaging is understood. Let our team help you reach your growth goals with:

  • Hyper Personalization

    Everything about your campaign is made to feel personal to better engage prospects.

  • Unique Messaging

    Unique messaging for each prospect drives higher response rates.

  • Dedicated Support

    We provide a dedicated support team to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Tailored Process

    We tailor our processes to meet your specific requirements.

  • Content Development

    We'll develop content to best support your campaigns.

  • Communication

    We'll continuously communicate with you, so that you're always in the loop.

Campaign Strategy

Sales Navigator

Build Connections & Stay In Touch With Your Ideal Prospects Using Sales Navigator Advanced Audience Capabilities

Targeted Reach

Reach Prospects In Targeted Groups Based On Shared Interests or Backgrounds

Premium Reach

Reach Premium Users with Open InMail Campaigns – No Need To Pay For More Messages

Combine Ads

Combine Email and/or Digital Ads to Amplify Campaign Effectiveness

Email Outreach

Our email outreach team can help you find contacts at your ideal prospect businesses and put your salespeople in their inboxes. We take care of everything, including all the necessary technology. You let your team focus on selling. We spark conversations. 

The List

We work with you to develop a profile for the ideal contacts at your target businesses. We then work to find enough of these optimum prospects to keep your calendar filled.


Nobody wants to receive a generic pitch about your services. We create a multi-step program designed to provide value and earn you the respect you deserve.


We use the industry's top technology providers to ensure our data is accurate and make sure your messages consistently land in your prospect's inboxes.

What Can Email Outreach Do for Your Business?

  • Accelerate lead growth

    There's no faster way to get in front of your ideal prospects. Go directly to the source.

  • Showcase your content

    If you have valuable content, get it in the hands of more of your target market.

  • Get more meetings

    Fill up your sales team's calendars with qualified prospects that need your offerings.

  • Get messaging feedback

    Does your messaging resonate with your audience? Ask them directly.

  • Grow your connections

    Grow your LinkedIn or social networks with the people you need to get to know.

  • Become an authority

    Sharing your expertise in your industry will help you gain trust and credibility.

“Since working with Spark Outbound, we’ve received a significant increase in the quantity and quality of leads to our sales pipeline. These opportunities are both immediate and long term with large scale clients. We are receiving around 20 hot leads per month and have been able to close these with a much higher success rate due to the immediate opportunity.”

Matt Laughin - Inxpress

“My company and I have been working with Spark for over 3 years. We have built a solid relationship with our lead generation systems and have good results on a weekly basis. Our lead generation, on multiple platforms, is always dialed in and quality. Jonathan and his team are very responsive when there is a question with a campaign. They have been very educational on how our systems work and providing us a map on how we all get the most efficiency for our budget. I would encourage anyone looking to boost lead generation efforts and campaign quality to use Spark Outbound.”

Nicole Yates - SpeedPro