The Process

1. Research, Research, Research

Identify Your Opportunity, Refine The Message

We extensively research your market before we even agree to work with you. If we see an opportunity for us to help your business, we spend 30 days(or less) developing a super-powered campaign just waiting for ignition. We build your ideal client profile and identify the services that will provide the most impact to your sales program. The overall goal is always to schedule your version of a sales call, but we use a variety of strategies to make it happen.

2. The Targeting Phase

Finding Your Prospects

Once we have your strategy and messaging ironed out, we get to work finding your prospects. This is the real key to our success. Our team scours the internet and social media to find the REAL PEOPLE that your business needs to speak to. We use innovative tactics and amazing technology to get your business in front of them.


We dig up as many opportunities as possible. We try not to let anyone fall through the cracks. We're finding the real people that need to talk to you.


Not every opportunity turns into a prospect. We do a lot of work to make sure we put you in front of businesses that need you


We want to find your perfect prospects! We constantly evaluate the type of prospects we are digging up against your ideal profile and adjust as needed.

3. The Campaign

Captivate Your Prospects, Build Relationships

We develop a completely custom campaign based on your ideal prospect profile and your marketing goals. We continually refine and improve every aspect of your campaign until we are delivering you a steady stream of new sales appointments. Our goals are always increased engagement(clicks, replies, downloads, etc) and more scheduled sales calls for your business.

4. Detailed Reporting

Transparency is Key, Know Where You Stand

We send our clients detailed reporting showing how the most important performance metrics, how many prospects are in each phase of the campaign and how many have requested a “next step.” We will also show you the name and contact information for all contacts that request further action from any Sales Outreach campaigns. This is a great way to make sure you didn’t miss any HOT leads.

Ready to Get the Process Started?