Using Custom Audiences in Google Ads


AdWords packs some incredibly powerful custom audience features which rival platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These features range from remarketing to custom intent and lookalikes.

Customer Match is the latest targeting option which allows marketers to create custom audiences based on email lists for their AdWords campaigns. You can upload these email lists directly to AdWords.

You could bring back lost conversions with this feature, create audiences on the basis of your best customers, as well as find new ones just prior to the moment of purchase.

In the previous version of AdWords, the audience targeting feature was under the “Interests and remarketing” area in the tab called “Display Network” for Display campaigns. However, in the latest Google Ads experience, “Audiences” targeting is in the page menu.

You can add audience targeting to any campaign or an ad group by taking the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Google Ads account.
  2. Then click Audiences in your page menu.
  3. You will see the pencil icon. Click it.
  4. Then click “Select an ad group” to select an ad group or a campaign from the list which appears.
  5. Choose the kind of audiences you would like your campaign to reach.
  6. Click the checkbox which is next to the audiences you will like to add and click Save.

We think that this is one of the most exciting and important updates to AdWords ever. This not just allows advertisers and marketers to target prospects more effectively and efficiently, it also marks a fundamental shift in the way AdWords is evolving and adapting to meet the specific needs and preferences of advertisers in today’s competitive marketplace. It also shows how seriously Google is considering targeting options.

In the past, most advertisers had to rely heavily on demographics and affinities offered by Google, or use past online actions in order to target their users in AdWords. This feature, on the other hand, allows advertisers to create as well as target a custom user audience quite simply and efficiently by uploading a list of their email addresses.

This is amazing as it will allow marketers to serve different ads or better cater the bids for users who are at different stages of the purchase journey – whether they are an existing customer, a hot new lead, or a frequent buyer. As long as you have got their email address, this feature allows you to quickly reach them on Gmail, Search, or YouTube.

Google’s recommended audiences can make it simpler to create audiences based on specific criteria which a lot of marketers find important. Here are a few Google’s recommendations:

All Users: This kind of audience usually includes all your visitors with relevant advertising cookies.

Smart List: Note that Smart Lists utilize machine learning in order to determine which visitors are more likely to convert in next sessions. It leverages signals like location, session duration, referrer, and page depth for compiling this list.

New Users: This list includes visitors who have just conducted a single session on your website.