Using Interactive Content to Grow Your Business

The internet is flooded with information: endless articles, blogs, white papers, and ebooks can give searchers any data or information they desire. Marketers are left with the challenge of trying to stand out in the market. Interactive content can give you the edge that you need to engage your customers while still providing the information that they are looking for.

Interactive content is much more labor-intensive than the standard article or infographic. Is it really worth the extra time and cost? Yes, most businesses would say. Consider these two statistics:

Could you imagine 96% people finishing one of your articles? That high of completion rate would astound most marketers. The extra effort that goes into creating interactive content has an impressive ROI by making what the customer wants.

Not only do customers demand more interactive content, but it has the ability to give businesses the information that they need. People are typically cautious to give away any information- the same DemandGen report above found that only 5% of people will give their contact information in exchange for a white paper. However, by interacting with your content, you can glean valuable information about your prospects, and provide data for better marketing.

Why Interactive Content Works

Not only do potential customers now demand more interactive content, but there are multiple reasons why businesses need to consider it:

  • Sets content apart. There are few businesses today that do not have a blog. In the sea of words and pictures, interaction will draw attention.
  • Optimized for mobile search. Most people are online through their phone. This means that you are not just competing with other web pages for your prospect’s attention, but apps as well. Interactive content flows better with the app-prone to keep them interested in your information.
  • Human nature. It leverages the human need to interact. People learn best by doing and are more likely to pay attention.

On many levels, interactive means more for your marketing scheme. Not only will you get attention, but you will keep it there.

Types of Interactive Content

There are multiple routes to take in interactive content. Some common options are:

  • Quizzes. Like the Buzzfeed statistic, most people are curious enough to take a quiz to completion.
  • Assessments. Like quizzes, people love finding out more about themselves. Assessments help give them a clearer picture of whatever your business is about and why they need it.
  • Polls and Surveys. Everybody has an opinion about everything. Use that to your advantage by giving them the chance to express it.
  • Calculators. Most credit WebMD with the modern tendency to self-diagnose, but most people would just prefer to do things on their own. By quantifying for your readers, they can have a better idea for themselves that they need your product. Whether calculating their mortgage payment, or their marketing score, calculators give readers the independence they want.
  • Contests. This tactic is older than the internet. However, it continues because it works. People are far more likely to engage even if there is only a slim chance they may gain from it.
  • Infographics. It is no secret that infographics attract attention: in fact, that is a problem as every business makes them. Make yours stand out by embedded questions, flip tiles, flexible user paths, and other ways to make it interactive.

Utilizing interactive content means better content for users and more active users for your business. Make your content stand out and hold attention by adding interactive elements!