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Why is Interactive Content Valuable?

By June 18, 2019September 18th, 2019Interactive Content
Is interactive content valuable

No one likes to be bored. That’s why interactive content was created. It takes marketing to the next level by asking the consumer to participate in your own form of advertising. It’s brilliant and every party involved can see the benefits of interacting this way. Especially in a vast digital space.

This means it’s important to understand the value of interactive content and what it can bring to the table. First, let’s go over what exactly interactive content is and why it is effective:

What is Interactive Content?

In order to capture an audience in modern marketing, you have to educate and entertain them. Interactive content fills this void. In fact, 66% of marketers report having greater audience engagement after using interactive content.

It’s material that requires active participation to get your brand message across. Rather than simply reading or watching something, people must “interact” with your content, thus deeply involving themselves with your message. Interactive content can include concepts like:

  • Polls/Quizzes/Surveys
  • Infographics
  • Calculators
  • Integrated forms
  • Contests
  • Games
  • Live chats
  • Interactive timelines
  • Assessments
  • Engaging curriculum

And the list goes on. It’s pretty much anything you can create that consumers will absorb and feel comfortable giving their information to you. The better the content, the more data you can collect. It’s about building brand loyalty through actively listening to what your audience wants and responding with good stuff.

Why use Interactive Content?

The numbers don’t lie. Across the board, interactive content performs better than anything else. It’s the difference between asking someone to read a book or play a game. One simply sounds more enticing than the other because it involves an element of “fun.”

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) recently surveyed over 20,000 marketers to determine just how valuable interactive content can be. 87% said that interactive content immediately grabs attention, 73% stated it enhances brand retention, and 77% agreed that interactive content has reusable value, which results in repeat visitors and multiple exposures.

That same survey demonstrated that marketers are using interactive content for a variety of reasons. In fact, they reported:

  • Sales enablement (33%)
  • Education (63%)
  • Engagement (66%)
  • Conversion (50%)
  • Lead generation (57%)
  • Brand awareness (58%)

All the streams lead to one source and the endgame is the same. Interactive content is effective and it’s what people want to see.

Getting Started

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. In fact, interactive content is so popular because of how easily you can recycle and reshape it for a different audience. Additionally, several techniques can be used in combination to paint a bigger picture.

Product Color Poll

For example, you could run a poll to determine what color of your product consumers favor. You can then use that data to generate additional content, like personalized videos, games, and contests to further your brand message. Test which performs well in what channels and you can repurpose it later down the road.

There is nothing better than repeat visitors and multiple exposures with content you’ve already created and used. It saves you a ton of time and allows you to focus more on building consumer relationships.

The idea is that interactive content is so engaging, people don’t mind seeing the message more than once. It’s totally different then if you were to simply rewrite an article and repost it. People who already have the information, will skip it. Interactive content, however, consistently offers something new each time people engage. It’s more about creating an experience than selling anything at all.

Get your own interactive content Request Info

Think of a calculator. That’s a tool that never changes, yet consistently offers new data to a consumer—as long as they will have it. It’s an incredible piece of interactive content that is not only easy to develop, but keeps people entertained and on your brand.

Interactive content is not a hard sell, but marketers tend to shy away because they don’t fully understand it. This does not have to be an expensive venture. Interactive content can be as simple as posting a poll on Facebook (which takes seconds).

This is more about the gesture. It shows your audience that you’re not just trying to goad them to purchase something. There is a certain sense of authenticity and wonder in interactive content. It begs the consumers to play with your message and engage with your brand. It creates an experience around your marketing that other companies will be hard-pressed to compete with that. Most importantly? In a world of spam and forced ads, it makes marketing fun for everyone.

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